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Book Chapter
Biodiversity across scenarios, Sala, O., van Vuuren D., Pereira H. M., Lodge D. M., Alder J., Cumming G. S., Dobson A., Wolters V., Xenopoulos M. A., Zaitsev A. S., et al. , Ecosystems and human well-being : scenarios, volume 2, Volume 2, Washington, DC, p.375-408, (2005)
Journal Article
Bright spots: seeds of a good Anthropocene, Bennett, E. M., Solan M., Biggs R., McPhearson T., Norstrom A. V., Olsson P., Pereira L., Peterson G. D., Raudsepp-Hearne C., Biermann F., et al. , Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Oct, Volume 14, Number 8, p.441-448, (2016) Abstract
Coarse woody habitat, lakeshore residential development, and largemouth bass nesting behavior, Lawson, Z., Gaeta J., and Carpenter S. R. , North American Journal of Fish Management, Volume 31, Number 4, p.666–670, (2011)
Drought-driven lake level decline: effects on coarse woody habitat and fishes, Gaeta, J. W., Sass G. G., and Carpenter S. R. , Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Volume 71, Number 1, (2014)
Early warnings of unknown nonlinear shifts: a nonparametric approach, Carpenter, S. R., and Brock W. A. , Ecology, Volume 92, Number 12, p.2196–2201, (2011)
Ecosystem Modeling for the 21st Century, Turner, M. G., and Carpenter S. R. , Ecosystems, Volume 20, Number 2, p.211-214, (2017)
Generic Indicators of Ecological Resilience: Inferring the Chance of a Critical Transition, Scheffer, M., Carpenter S. R., Dakos V., and van Nes Egbert , Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 2015, Volume 46, Number 2015, p.145-167, (2015) Abstract
Interacting regime shifts in ecosystems: implication for early warnings., Brock, W. A., and Carpenter S. R. , Ecological Monographs, Volume 80, Number 3, p.353-367, (2010)
A Morphometric Approach for Stocking Walleye Fingerlings in Lakes Invaded by Rainbow Smelt, Lawson, Z., and Carpenter S. R. , North American Journal of Fish Management, Volume 34, Number 5, p.998-1002, (2014)