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Twenty Years of Ecosystems: Emerging Questions and Challenges, Carpenter, S. R., and Turner M. G. , Ecosystems, Jan, Volume 20, Number 1, p.1-3, (2017)
Response of water temperatures and stratification to changing climate in three lakes with different morphometry, Magee, M. R., and Wu C. H. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Dec, Volume 21, Number 12, p.6253-6274, (2017) Abstract
Eighty years of food-web response to interannual variation in discharge recorded in river diatom frustules from an ocean sediment core, Sculley, J. B., Lowe R. L., Nittrouer C. A., Drexler T. M., and Power M. E. , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Volume 114, Number 38, p.10155-10159, (2017)