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Progress on Nonpoint Pollution: Barriers & Opportunities, Rissman, A. R., and Carpenter S. R. , Daedalus, Summer 2015, Volume 144, Number 3, p.35-47, (2015) Abstract
Multiple nutrient subsidy pathways from a spawning migration of iteroparous fish, Childress, E.S. and McIntyre, P. B. , Freshwater Biology, March 2015, Volume 60, Number 3, p.490-499, (2015)
Generic Indicators of Ecological Resilience: Inferring the Chance of a Critical Transition, Scheffer, M., Carpenter S. R., Dakos V., and van Nes Egbert , Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 2015, Volume 46, Number 2015, p.145-167, (2015) Abstract