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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS): Multiple Species
Project Location: Minnesota
Project Start Date: 01/2006
Expected Timeframe/Duration: ongoing
Sponsoring Organization: Wildlife Forever
Web Links: http://www.CleanDrainDry.org
Primary Contact: Pat Conzemius
Wildlife Forever

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Project Summary:

Bridging the gap is what we at Wildlife Forever are trying to accomplish with our invasive species outreach and education campaign called the Threat Campaign™.

It is a blend of multi-media approaches aimed at the American public to inform and educate about the threats of invasive species and how to stop the spread. Much has been learned from the science community but that info has not hit main stream recognition. We partner with the science community, taking their message and Best Management Practices using modern age marketing and advertising techniques and deliver the message publically. Using highway billboards, national magazine and news paper print ads, airport signage, television and radio PSA, we’ve reached over 1 billion impressions. It’s an amazing accomplishment that took countless partners in state, federal, NGO, and private agencies to make happen. The Threat Campaign is not an individual initiative; it is a national campaign with numerous partners that saves time and money by collaborating and pooling resources to create a consistent invasive species message.  We now have a unique invasive species television show called "Silent Invaders" (see website above).