A field test on the effectiveness of milfoil weevil for controlling Eurasian water-milfoil in northern lakes

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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS): Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum)
Project Location: northern Wisconsin
Project Start Date: 05/2012
Expected Timeframe/Duration: 12/2015
Sponsoring Organization: UW Center for Limnology
Web Links: http://people.missouristate.edu/johnhavel/
Primary Contact: Susan Knight
UW Trout Lake Station

Secondary Contact: John Havel
Missouri State University
Project Summary:


Eurasian water-milfoil (EWM) is a nuisance aquatic plant growing in an increasing number of Wisconsin lakes. Prior research has shown that the water-milfoil weevil, Euhrychiopsis lecontei, often has a damaging effect on EWM and can significantly reduce densities. We added 4000 weevil eggs to two EWM beds in four northern Wisconsin lakes and are monitoring the density of weevils and plant biomass in the treated beds (weevils added) and untreated beds (no added weevils). We are also assessing the density of weevils in lakes that have or have not been treated with chemicals. We are also assessing what factors may allow successful establishment of weevil in these lakes.  We hope to learn whether weevil augmentation could be a useful tool for combating EWM in northern Wisconsin lakes.


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